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Our primary commitment is to the people and environment who provide us with our products.
Sitco Australia’s role is to offer an alternative source of income to resource owners by maximising the returns from harvesting their own natural resources through community projects and effectively market sustainably managed hardwoods and softwoods from a region that has been largely dominated by large-scale logging operations.

These mainstream logging companies have unscrupulous reputations, carry out unsustainable forestry practises, and provide what can only be described as totally inequitable benefits for the traditional owners of these forests.

In contrast to this, the direct benefits of the eco-timber industry are already well documented. There are verifiable examples where smaller volumes of timber, when properly marketed, generated revenues in excess of a thousand times more per volume; than what was being earned by landowners under full-scale logging. It is and has to be a win-win situation.

The fair-share of profits are actually going to the rightful owners of those trees. We believe in not only eco-timber, but equi-timber!

In sourcing our timber, Sitco Australia deals exclusively with local forestry tradespeople and small-scale license holding companies in the Solomons. We buy our timber at above market prices, on the proviso that the profits are duly shared with the owners of the forests.

It must be said however, that in the past, other companies have attempted similar undertakings: only to find that it was either: too inefficient, too hard logistically or that sources of timber were not reliable enough to meet trading deadlines.

Sitco Australia has addressed these issues, and has invested heavily in assisting selected individuals with training, equipment, advice and financial support. We have also secured reliable methods of transportation and our regional chain of supply is growing steadily. We are actively seeking customers and companies that are willing to comply with FSC guidelines and have demonstrated to us that they are pro-active in dealing with problems and have similar visions to us about the environmental and social impacts deforestation causes.

Sitco Australia wholly supports the Forestry Stewardship Council, and in turn is actively assisting those individuals, community and companies in the Solomons who aim to achieve certification. We believe that in time, as more people learn of the superior benefits of this strategy; a new, sustainable and ecologically sensitive industry will emerge as the dominant force in the region.

Help to stop the unethical exploitation of people and the environment by supporting initiatives like the FSC, and supporting companies like Sitco Australia plus others who share the same motivation.

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