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About us

Sitco Australia was first established in Brisbane, Australia back in 2008.

We are privately owned and operated from our office 10 minutes just north of Brisbane’s CBD.
We supply wholesale timbers locally, nationally and customers abroad with a variety of graded, rough-sawn timbers in a widerange of sizes in the species listed on this website (ie; Pacific Maple, Queen Ebony, PNG Teak, Merbau and Rosewood)

We manage and cater to different requests from our customers as we can supply specific size orders with documentation meeting all forestry logging act in Australia and Solomon Islands. Evidence of proof for chain of custody and proof of legitimate sourced timbers from community projects.

If you are seeking a timber supplier with a professional customer focus, Sitco Australia will exceed your expectations. Our attention to quality and passion for ethically-sourced timber is our own esprit de corps.
Despite having a much smaller supply-chain, we have better quality than you would likely find in most suppliers’ stocks. We can supply all of our stocked timber species in much larger sizes than is commonly available.

The majority of our stock has been quarter-sawn, and we ensure that each piece is carefully graded using FITEC guidelines.

Time and time again we hear of clients who are unhappy with the inconsistent quality of their own timber supply, or the absence of bigger sizes / quarter-sawn pieces stocked by their usual supplier. Even when they do find quality timber, it can be an expensive exercise.

At the end of the day, we believe that our sourcing of timbers must get the balance right. We must aim for more competitive pricing, without compromising timber certification or quality.

We will never compromise our policies to turn a profit.
We welcome inquiries from all interested persons, and invite you to inspect our products in person in the Solomon Islands, or via the website.

Thank you for visiting Sitco Australia.

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